The Discipline of Art

Looking for inspiration? Then stop whiling away your time, reading this post and start doing that one thing you love doing the most but have been procrastinating about for a while. What I have realised with whatever little experience I have had in script writing or writing in general or personally talking to inspiring creators, is that they don’t wait for an inspiration, but simply go ahead doing it. What comes out without an inspiration could be absolutely shitty, but that shit too will have some sort of form. I know it’s getting a bit smelly at this point hehe. The point I am trying to make is that, if you as a creator, devote some part of your day for your passion, it could be just an hour or so, you will at least have moved a fraction of a millimetre ahead in your pursuit to realising that creation. What could be the worst consequence? You would fail miserably maybe at the moment, but you might develop a skill or two, try resolving a few problems and become better at what you love doing the most. Also, don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing. Don’t think of the end result, just keep doing it for the fun of it without keeping any high expectations.

After writing and Directing 7 to 8 short films, I decided to take the next big leap into feature length films since almost 4 years now. I have completed writing first drafts of 7 feature length scripts namely:

10 Mistakes of a Pizza Boy



Tripping Secrets

Bum hai ki manta nahi


What’s Up Dikra

Another one that I don’t want to reveal at the moment

And I have at least 6 to 7 more concepts for feature length films in mind, some of which I have abandoned in between, but still have a potential to be completed. With so many concepts that need to be developed and made into films, I have decided to work on them every single day, completing one feature length script after the other. You never know when you will find that one opportunity to pounce on. I would at least not worry about the next film that I will make after my first one! What if I don’t get that one opportunity? Well, I am positive, that question never occurs to me.


It looks like I have been boasting about what I have done till now as a writer in this blog post, but at this moment I am seriously looking for collaborations and producers who can help me make these films. What’s the point if nobody knows that what I have been upto for so many years! So please don’t mind 🙂



Kati Patang Bhi Udaa Tha Kabhi

Tried writing a hindi/urdu shayari. Hope You enjoy reading it 🙂


Roz marre ko mar mar ke jeena

Jaise Patte jo dhale shyam ki tarah

Behte pani ka rukh kisne dekha

Bade chalo bahaar ki tarah


Andar ki aawaz dhunde ek zehra

Sehma sa ghut raha hai kahin

Duniya se kya lena dena

Tu Kayaro ka Kafil toh nahi?


Woh ras hee kya jo raseela na ho

Woh baat thee kya jo binkahi ho

Kati patang bhi Udaa tha kabhi

Aasma ko Aadab kahan tha kabhi!



Artist ka Keeda (An Artist’s Bug)

Imagine nails placed vertically upside down on your seat. The moment you sit, you feel like getting up, but then, the floor is burning hot as well. You don’t really know what to do and try identifying what is making you so restless. Finally, you arrive at the fact that it is the usual keeda (bug) that keeps biting every artist once in a while. That bug could be termed as anything – an expression, an idea, a thought, an inspiration or anything you want to call it. Even that keeda does not know what it really is. It is as restless as you are and keeps biting you to find its own identity. You then have no other option but to try and find out its real form, the real form of that expression, that idea or whatever name you want to give it. The keeda then pushes you to find the medium through which you can give a definite form to that expression. Each artist channelizes his or her energy through a medium he or she is comfortable with. A painter would start painting, a singer starts singing, a filmmaker starts making films. By the end of this process, that expression is out. The artist tries his or her best to best match the keeda’s expectations. He or she might fall short of them in some cases but then the keeda is mostly happy for the fact that you devoted your love towards giving it a form, an identity which it always craved for. The keeda retrieves back, stops biting, and the artist feels at ease.

Not for long though. Keeda sooner or later starts biting again, seeking a new identity!

A Man Minus his Dream

A man minus his dream

Is like free-falling in a black hole’s realm


A sleepless night catching up on sleep

An irky feeling, he never wants to keep


A sighted man who just can’t see

Stranded in strange reality


Like the one who Has to Live at any cost

With a Love that’s lost


Like a lost tune

He once always knew


A search he can’t avoid

Finding nothing but void


He calls out to his Dream

Not a whisper, but a scream


Some Day He Will find

Repose of another kind!


A man minus his dream

Is like free-falling in a black hole’s realm

The Boy and his Dog (Musical Montage) A Screenwriting Exercise

Some visuals came to my head when I was listening to this classic violin piece “Bach Partita N°3 prelude”..

Read the screenplay.. as you play the song..

A close shot of a little boy pushing a wooden door of a countryside old house quickly. He swiftly jumps outside, camera simply follows the running boy. He is running across the green pastures.. his legs fall on a puddle, splashing water.. he continues to run.. we see his mother screaming as he passes by, boy does not care… he runs.. runs without thinking where he is running..

A brown furred dog starts running along with the boy.. the dog is not angry.. but is his playful pet.. A side profile follow shot shows the boy and the brown dog almost overtaking a bicycle that a man is riding beside them..  he gets tired at a point… his pace reduces.. He stands taking in heavy breaths.. with his hands on his knees..

He looks up after a moment.. a wide shot shows that he is in the middle of a vast landscape.. The man rides the bicycle, far past the boy on a narrow path… The boy stays back not worried about losing the race..  Camera revolves around the still smiling boy.. with his hands on his hips and his dog beside him barking in excitement.. the boy is engrossed looking at the immense beauty around him.. a wider shot reveals that a pond is in front of him.. an even longer shot reveals that behind the pond there are some mountains at the distance.. not too visible.. hidden behind the clouds…. he smiles as the dog too looks at the scenery wagging his tail, a bit calmer now..  Extreme wide shot of the dog wagging his tail and the boy admiring beauty of nature…

Close shot of the boy’s legs as he treads ahead slowly through the grass.. a mid shot reveals that he is walking towards a tree near the edge of the pond.. he sits under it.. He looks up.. a mango is within his reach just above his head.. A top angle shot of the boy looking at the mango excitedly..

Cut to Boy is eating a mango.. the mango seed is fully naked.. nothing of the pulp remains.. the boy’s lips are all messed up.. he does not care.. actually he has not even realized that his lips are messed up.. he is simply enjoying the taste of the mango.. his dog looks on.. he is done.. he looks up again.. another mango catches his attention.. this time though.. the mango is far from his reach..  both the dog and the boy are looking at the mango high up in the branches.. wondering if he would be able to reach it.. he starts throwing stones at the mango, the dog too jumps and barks trying in his own way to help the boy.. the mango does not fall down even after several attempts, what happens to the mango is the mango’s fate, not even I nor the boy knows that.

He is now flying a kite in the sky.. somewhere else..  at a mountain top.. The sun sets behind a silhouette of the boy, his dog and the flying kite..

The boy lost the race. He could not pluck the mango. Even his kite will not fly beyond a limit and will fall down after some time. Has he actually lost anything? Don’t know. 🙂