Why Artists Need Your Love

When you know you are here to do something more than simply normal things in life, it’s a strange kind of a feeling. And when you are surrounded by people who expect you to do normal things in life, it is even worse.

Depression is a part of every artist’s life I guess. He or she feels lost every once in a while, especially when he or she is forced into a normal situation. This very state of mind then transforms into a driving force for many. It is this very state of mind that urges an artist to take that courageous step to express something special. No matter what the world thinks about his or her form of expression, a true artist will keep on going on. After spending too much time in a stable state of normalcy, an artist starts feeling the pain inside.

Artists are good at heart. Some are pure and naive, timid at times. So, this is a shout out to every Normal Person on earth. Please encourage artists. Talk to them, appreciate their work, even if it is not that great. Tell them how they can get better. They need your motivation, not your strange looks, pre-assumptions and heartless criticism.

Some artists are spearheaded; they know exactly what they want to do and how they want to do it. They don’t care what the world thinks about them or their work. They are basically not at all afraid of failure.

Not all are that way though. Many are confused, trying to find their own path. Some are depressed because of normalcy. Some are going through a rough patch financially; some are trying to find their confidence back. Some are going through a transition phase from being confused to becoming spearheaded again.

Don’t neglect them. They are human beings too. They need your love and positive energy. Because art is beautiful. The world needs it.



Greed. That’s one word that has affected humanity at different levels. As it’s very natural for humans to be greedy, we can’t really put the blame on that one particular emotion. We consider ourselves to be the most intelligent creatures on earth. But does that really matter? Do you really think that other beings really care about our existence even? Does a star that’s millions of light years apart, really care how much your intelligence is worth? Not really. It is our own intelligence that is making us believe that we are superior to everything else in this universe. So do you think other creations would be experiencing an inferiority complex because we think we are superior to them? The answer to that is again a big NO.

As we all know, humans have always been a social animal. We like to live in communities and herds. We took care of each other’s needs, a group of humans in a herd hunted and the other took care of the family. We were probably content with what we had til a point when Greed seeped in and we thought of encroaching other communities to fulfil something that we lacked. The concept of rulers and emperors emerged who were constantly looking at ways to expand their kingdoms through battles and wars. Kings wanted to capture prospering regions which could yield good agricultural revenues or land that was rich in mines or a fort that would be useful for military operations. It is said that the kings worked for the people of their kingdom, but they were very rich and had their vested interests in becoming richer through taxation and other such administrative tools.

Times started changing quickly as we started devaluing the power of community. We are so engulfed in our own greedy personal motives that we are becoming less compassionate day by day. No matter what kind of system your country is governed by today, you were instinctively a communist by heart. Our greedy motives are affecting this very basic instinct that we possess naturally. To put it simply, what’s wrong with helping out someone in need? You might not know that person personally, but what’s wrong in being compassionate? What’s wrong in being a bit more selfless and finding happiness in someone else’s happiness? What’s wrong in motivating and encouraging someone who is feeling low? What’s wrong in making someone smile by maybe just hearing them out? What’s wrong in being one with nature and loving it for all those things that nature has given at absolutely no cost at all!

We somehow have a feeling that none of this going to be profitable in any way. It is not going to fulfil our personal greed. That I feel is completely wrong. Now imagine a world where each one of us trying to be more compassionate. A world where each one of us believes that we belong to one big community called humanity. Won’t we be indirectly making our own lives better? The answer to that, for a change this time is, YES! A happier world; also means a happier you. This, I think is a too idealistic to be true, but at least we can start somewhere.

PS: By communism, I don’t mean that I am talking about its extremely adulterated version that is being practised in some parts of the world.

Passion, Love, Humour

Probably, three emotions that help you maintain the right balance in life. It’s not that other emotions like anger and sorrow should be held back as each one of it is humanly and very natural. But when these three emotions – Passion, Love and Humour are in the right proportion, you feel at peace for some reason. Perhaps because passion is what brings in energy and pushes you beyond your limits. Humor is what makes things lighter; a good laugh is a great way to de-stress, also creating situations that make others laugh brings in positivity. Finally love makes you content; the feeling that you are in love and are being loved is what gives you strength to follow your passion fearlessly.


Having control over something gives you a feeling of accomplishment for some odd reason, but we forget that this feeling of accomplishment that you sense might sometimes be at the cost of freedom of that “something”. This “something” that I am talking about could be anything. It could be physical or emotional. It could be a living being or its thoughts, its actions. It could be your own thoughts or actions. It could be a piece of land or a machine. How you choose to control is purely your choice. We know how religions, bad education systems, preachers, leaders and ideologies have controlled our thoughts since centuries. To an extent that it has almost wiped out the necessity to reason, to ask logical questions and find out their logical answers. Controlling to climax at the right time for satisfying your partner is good. Controlling the speed of your vehicle to avoid an accident is good. Controlling to stay away from an addiction to be healthy is good. Controlling your anger or sorrow? Aaam.. I don’t believe it’s that great an idea. I wished everyone lost control over their anger or sorrow and let it dissipate into a beautiful conversation with someone around them, trying to find out the exact cause of what is making them angry or sorrowful. A good debate with logical reasoning can induce peace within you and sometimes save lives too.

You own it only when you have a heart to let it go!

Sounds pretty illogical if you were to think logically. But there are many instances when logic takes a backseat for some reason. Like in this case where there are two contradictory thoughts put in the same sentence. Let me try and explain. As humans we always tend to chase our desires with a lot of angst, put our foot down and sand say, “I love it and It’s going to be with me forever.”  I think that there are two opposing elements in this sentence too. Why? Because the statement has a tinge of violence in it and is also talking about love at the same time. Like the famous J. Krishnamurthy quote goes “Where there is violence there is no love.” So when I say “having a heart to let go of something you love” it does not mean that you ‘want’ to let it go, it means you don’t mind if you have to let it go for some reason. Basically when you are unable to let go of the things you own, you are not owning it, the things are owning you instead. So, the next time you think you love or own something, have a heart to let it go as well.

How are you?

Now that I have realised that at-least someone is reading my blog posts, just curious to know how you are doing. Hope you are smiling and not worrying about that dog which spoiled your garden. Hope you are enjoying your beer and not cribbing about your empty plate that had something to munch onto. Hope you are not in a rush to zip through this blog post and zip through the next one after this. The point I wanted to make was that the question “How are you?” has lost its beauty today. Today, it’s sadly, just a formal way to start a conversation. Even kids are taught to ask people the same question and answer back by saying “I am fine”. I can’t remember the last time when someone asked me “How are you?” and not follow it up with something else or at-least make an attempt to listen to your answer carefully. Today I just want to know how you are doing and trust me I don’t want anything else from you. Feel free to answer and don’t restrict your answers to just an “I am fine” 🙂

Imbalanced fondness

It’s sometimes amusing to think about the fact that each human being on earth has a unique level of sensitivity, to look at things and react to them, probably because the moments that all of us have experienced in life are different and the environments that we grow up in are different or maybe because of the uniqueness of biological make of each one of us. Some of us are affected by everything that we listen to and look at and others can ingeniously forget them and move on. Each one of us is excited and attracted to some quality of a person. We get embarrassed when we respond to someone in a certain way, act in a strange way instinctively because of our fondness or lack of fondness for them. But since we are different, the fondness that we have for someone will never match their fondness for you. It is this mismatch in fondness that generally leads to unwanted disharmony in relationships. But the moment you register in your brain that all of us are different, you will start listening to the other person carefully and find it easier to look at the other side of the coin 🙂