Distractions and uncertainties

Sometimes it is very difficult to ward off constant distractions that life presents. These distractions may lead you in a good direction, but not necessarily the right direction! Good and right might not be the same always. If you really know what you want out of life, then you will patiently wait for the opportune moment, even if it means that you have to go through third-degree torture in that waiting process. Invest your energies in your dream and keep working towards it, that’s the only breathing space that you get as a dreamer. But, how long should one wait before you fully dive into the sea of uncertainties? That’s a question that only you can answer best.


Of fearlessness and fears

Not sure if even the greatest warriors or saints would ever be fearless totally. Maybe they are. But is being fearless a good virtue truly? In fact, I believe human psychology would not allow one to be completely fearless. For example, you cannot be absolutely fearless when a bus is fast approaching you or when you are about to accidentally touch boiling water. I think fear is essential in many ways. It is fear that stimulates our impulses and makes us take quick and radical decisions. It is very natural to have fear of losing someone you love. Complete fearlessness can be catastrophic many times. The way human beings are marching ahead fearlessly in the name of development, globalisation and urbanisation, one needs to sit back and analyse where we are going wrong. And that would happen only if you have fear about the power of mother nature. Fearlessness can be ruthless sometimes as well. A man wanting to chase his dreams might keep aside all the emotional aspects of life in that rage. Fear makes you humble from within and makes you realise that you are not the best out there but just a tiny dot in this universe. Yes, when you have nothing to lose, you are definitely more confident. But I think fear and fearlessness is related in some way. It is the fear of losing freedom that makes warriors fearless. It is the fear of losing national security that makes our soldiers fearless. All said and done, there is one kind of fear that is absolutely worthless to have, fear of failure. Once you purge out that fear from your mind, you have a sense of contentment and a raised level of confidence!