Artist ka Keeda (An Artist’s Bug)

Imagine nails placed vertically upside down on your seat. The moment you sit, you feel like getting up, but then, the floor is burning hot as well. You don’t really know what to do and try identifying what is making you so restless. Finally, you arrive at the fact that it is the usual keeda (bug) that keeps biting every artist once in a while. That bug could be termed as anything – an expression, an idea, a thought, an inspiration or anything you want to call it. Even that keeda does not know what it really is. It is as restless as you are and keeps biting you to find its own identity. You then have no other option but to try and find out its real form, the real form of that expression, that idea or whatever name you want to give it. The keeda then pushes you to find the medium through which you can give a definite form to that expression. Each artist channelizes his or her energy through a medium he or she is comfortable with. A painter would start painting, a singer starts singing, a filmmaker starts making films. By the end of this process, that expression is out. The artist tries his or her best to best match the keeda’s expectations. He or she might fall short of them in some cases but then the keeda is mostly happy for the fact that you devoted your love towards giving it a form, an identity which it always craved for. The keeda retrieves back, stops biting, and the artist feels at ease.

Not for long though. Keeda sooner or later starts biting again, seeking a new identity!


Are Being Knowledgeable, Being Well-read and Being Educated Mutually Exclusive?

A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would simply kill it at that. Let’s give it a thought, like the usual ‘bakchodi’- the way Indians  term it as heheh. I think that though there is some co-relation between all these things, you might want to consider some exceptional permutations. Think of a conductor in a bus. He or she is probably not well-read, nor are they highly educated, but aren’t they knowledgeable? You definitely can’t say no. Knowledge is, I think associated with what one has experienced or observed in life. Reading and education will definitely improve one’s knowledge but it doesn’t mean that a construction labourer is not knowledgeable, just because he/she is not well-read or educated. They know exactly how to do the work that they are assigned. Take new born babies for example. They do have knowledge based on whatever little observations they have made in life. Education, if pursued to improve one’s knowledge would be useful else it would just be a waste of time. It is also important to improve one’s ability to question things and find out what according to them is right or wrong. Reading is a subset of education but reading something that is not at all related to your field of interest will broaden your horizons, make you imagine things that you might never otherwise and perhaps make you more knowledgeable. Coming to what amongst these three is important in life? I think being knowledgeable is more important. I, for instance, very rarely read books. Education in India is more for improving your chances of finding a job than anything else, though there are many who pursue it to gain knowledge about something they love. Let it be. ‘Importance’ is very subjective, so I don’t want my opinion to affect yours. Damn this is getting awfully confusing. Just chuck it, don’t break your heads!

Is Living Superficially Really That Uncool?

I know I could be hurting sentiments of hardcore thinkers and philosophers. Losing into the depth of your thoughts is great; I mean it’s really intelligent of you. You and your intelligent friends have a good chunk of some good shit to ponder about, banter about. Think why things are not going right, think why someone is behaving the way they are, think of how this world can be a better place etc etc. But hold on. I have observed people who live superficially. They are so better off. Seriously. Get up, work, come back, relax over some good family time, sleep and continue the same cycle till you die. What’s wrong in that? Intellectuals would disagree with this and want to say that, you can’t just live superficially, but I think those who do that are much much happier. Give it a thought!

Missed thought

The other day I was travelling by bus and was pondering over two things, one thought was about what I wrote in my last blog post; about building an amusement park in Ayodhya. The other one though, was lost in thin air! (Using that proverb just to sugar coat things, actually there is no such thing as “thin air” in Mumbai. The air here is filled with thick smoke coming out of vehicles). I was really excited, because I realised that I had something to write about for my next 2 blog posts. But I lost that thought because of something that happened in the bus. The bus conductor is generally short of change and takes money from you and gives back the pending change once he gets it from other commuters. So this guy claimed that he had given 50 bucks to the conductor and had to get 35 bucks back. But the conductor stuck to his point that the guy had only given 20 bucks and deserved to get only Rs 5 back. It looked like the guy belonged to a well off family and would not lie just to earn 30 more bucks. So with my assumption I thought of interfering and asked the conductor to take it easy and told him that he must have forgotten. But he was very stubborn and stuck to his point that he had never made a mistake like this since 5 years. He also told me. “Who are you to question me?” I somehow tried convincing him and told him that sometimes you can’t trust your memory when you are dealing with so many things to remember. The conductor finally gave up but the most annoying thing that he did at the end is he said “Ok, if you think I forgot, then I must have forgotten” The powerful statement that he made, made me uncomfortable for almost 2 hours. I started wondering, maybe I made a wrong assumption. By the end of 2 hours I forgot the 2nd thought that came to me before the whole incident took place. I actually learned a lesson that you can’t really trust your memory at times. But I am happy, I had something to write anyways! 🙂


Nothing’s in my head

I sit staring at my blank page, trying to write (actually “type”, but since write sounds more intellectual, I am using it to minimise the intensity of the nonsense that I am talking about) my next blog post and realise that I have nothing in my head, so thought of putting that down as a post as thinking about nothing is also an interesting activity according to me. But technically I am not “not thinking about anything”, I am actually thinking about “not thinking about anything”. If I could not think of anything then I would have attained enlightenment like Buddha . The human brain generally tries to think and showcase its intelligence by giving out electrical signals and trying to analyse and understand things for no good reason. Probably it’s these electric signals that are making me write right now. I really don’t know where I am taking this but it feels great when you don’t know what the conclusion of your write-up is going to be. Sometimes it’s best to leave things alone and not come to a conclusion about what you are thinking about.

Being a wannabe 

“He is a wannabe!” A statement that is generally considered to be degrading for some odd reason! No one has called me a wannabe till date but I have heard people calling someone else a wannabe. BUT WHAT IS THE PROBLEM IN BEING A WANNABE? (Please reread the previous sentence slowly, word by word) In fact if you don’t wannabe something then there is a big problem with you. If a Virat Kohli never wanted to be a Sachin Tendulkar then there would never be a Virat Kohli. The dictionary-meaning of the word “Wannabe” is “a person who tries to be like someone else or to fit in with a particular group of people.” So if you are saying that being a wannabe is bad then according to the second part of the definition “to fit in with a particular group of people. “, you are so narrow minded that you wouldn’t want to allow a person to make new friends and learn new things!  What I personally don’t like (As if anyone on this earth cares about what I personally don’t like heheh) about people having a problem with other people being a wannabe is that, if YOU don’t wanna be someone or like someone doesn’t mean that you demoralize  the ones who wanna be someone or like someone (Excluding bad people like terrorists. burglars serial killers or other criminals) in life. They might take you seriously and stop pursuing their dreams.


When you are half asleep

Baby NappingThe moments just before you fall asleep are sometimes strangely beautiful as you are in the middle of slipping into an imaginary world which is free from the practicalities of the real world, where you can set the rules of the game. Into a world of dreams where you can choose to be as practical as you want or insanely impractical! The tug of war continues and finally you fall asleep because dreams are powerful, are where you can do what you could have never done in real life, are where we always want to hide secretly, where you churn out beautiful stories. Then comes the time when reality hits you like a bullet, when you open your eyes stare at the ceiling fan above you which tells you, get going, start running in circles again and you wish if you had never woken up and later smile again realising the fact that you could well be a part of a dream dreamt by someone else!