How worthy is our obsession for knowledge?

It’s never-ending. Every scroll, every click makes you consume another fascinating story, another interesting article. Even this very post, is probably a part of this information overload. You learn something from everything you see around you. If someone wishes to, he or she can opt to activate their brain cells for every second of their life, till they reach a point when the brain tires out naturally and starts ageing. Brains would die, but the web world will keep churning out content exponentially and endlessly. It is all up to you, how much of this information do you want to intake? How much of this information needs to be consumed by us? Yes, they do stimulate our emotions and senses. But, is there a need for this constant stimulation? Our intuitive nature makes us want to know more. But shouldn’t there be a limit for this quest? How much of this worldly wisdom is necessary? Being aware of who you are, your people and your surroundings is just enough maybe. Being aware of what is logically right or wrong is also just fine. Find some time for inner peace. You will certainly be more self-content. Nobody is judging your intelligence really. And even if they do, why should you care? You can opt to be dumber yet more satisfied and happy.


Of Uncertainty and Thinking of “Nothing”

I rest with my eyes open, wondering when sleep will take over me… wandering in search of something that even I don’t know what it’s going to be like, when I find it or should I say, if I find it. Certainty is a state of mind that breaks a chain of thoughts. I wished I was certain about what I am going through. Lucky are the ones who “know”. But when knowledge goes beyond what the books say, you start taking a trip that has no end. The restless mind makes you want to “know” and when you easily believe in what your mind has to say, life gets easy. But when another part of your mind takes a separate route, there is conflict until the time both these parts arrive at a consensus. I hope I break my chain of thoughts soon, I hope I learn to think of “Nothing” one day at least for some time.


Having control over something gives you a feeling of accomplishment for some odd reason, but we forget that this feeling of accomplishment that you sense might sometimes be at the cost of freedom of that “something”. This “something” that I am talking about could be anything. It could be physical or emotional. It could be a living being or its thoughts, its actions. It could be your own thoughts or actions. It could be a piece of land or a machine. How you choose to control is purely your choice. We know how religions, bad education systems, preachers, leaders and ideologies have controlled our thoughts since centuries. To an extent that it has almost wiped out the necessity to reason, to ask logical questions and find out their logical answers. Controlling to climax at the right time for satisfying your partner is good. Controlling the speed of your vehicle to avoid an accident is good. Controlling to stay away from an addiction to be healthy is good. Controlling your anger or sorrow? Aaam.. I don’t believe it’s that great an idea. I wished everyone lost control over their anger or sorrow and let it dissipate into a beautiful conversation with someone around them, trying to find out the exact cause of what is making them angry or sorrowful. A good debate with logical reasoning can induce peace within you and sometimes save lives too.

How are you?

Now that I have realised that at-least someone is reading my blog posts, just curious to know how you are doing. Hope you are smiling and not worrying about that dog which spoiled your garden. Hope you are enjoying your beer and not cribbing about your empty plate that had something to munch onto. Hope you are not in a rush to zip through this blog post and zip through the next one after this. The point I wanted to make was that the question “How are you?” has lost its beauty today. Today, it’s sadly, just a formal way to start a conversation. Even kids are taught to ask people the same question and answer back by saying “I am fine”. I can’t remember the last time when someone asked me “How are you?” and not follow it up with something else or at-least make an attempt to listen to your answer carefully. Today I just want to know how you are doing and trust me I don’t want anything else from you. Feel free to answer and don’t restrict your answers to just an “I am fine” 🙂

Let’s build an amusement park in Ayodhya

If Allah and Rama ever existed and if they were fun loving people who tasted beer at-least once in their lives, then they would absolutely love this idea. (For those who don’t know where I am coming from, here is a link that shares all the shitty, dark and sadly true facts: Another reason why I turned into an atheist. Imagine an amusement park where human beings (who originally never belonged to any religion) had a rollicking time enjoying some thrilling rides with their parents, uncles aunties, sisters daughters, sons, grandpas and grandmas, teachers, dogs, cats etc. A complementary gift that anybody who enters the amusement park would be a free pitcher of beer! Also another task that they would compulsorily have to perform to open the gates of the park would be: sing along to a karaoke that plays the song ‘Imagine’ by ‘The Beatles’ and raise a toast, shout out “Cheers to Love, Peace and Happiness”