Kati Patang Bhi Udaa Tha Kabhi

Tried writing a hindi/urdu shayari. Hope You enjoy reading it 🙂


Roz marre ko mar mar ke jeena

Jaise Patte jo dhale shyam ki tarah

Behte pani ka rukh kisne dekha

Bade chalo bahaar ki tarah


Andar ki aawaz dhunde ek zehra

Sehma sa ghut raha hai kahin

Duniya se kya lena dena

Tu Kayaro ka Kafil toh nahi?


Woh ras hee kya jo raseela na ho

Woh baat thee kya jo binkahi ho

Kati patang bhi Udaa tha kabhi

Aasma ko Aadab kahan tha kabhi!




A Man Minus his Dream

A man minus his dream

Is like free-falling in a black hole’s realm


A sleepless night catching up on sleep

An irky feeling, he never wants to keep


A sighted man who just can’t see

Stranded in strange reality


Like the one who Has to Live at any cost

With a Love that’s lost


Like a lost tune

He once always knew


A search he can’t avoid

Finding nothing but void


He calls out to his Dream

Not a whisper, but a scream


Some Day He Will find

Repose of another kind!


A man minus his dream

Is like free-falling in a black hole’s realm

Following the crowd

That’s the easy way out really. You keep doing what everyone else is doing and one fine day you die. If you think something that you want to do is far from attainable, stop thinking about it and continue following the crowd again. What you get at the end of it is…aaam a comfortable life, with nothing to think too much about and the next thing you realise is that you are going to die and you have not really lived or even thought of thinking of what you really like doing in life. The crowd never approves of someone who is set out to do something different or unique unless he or she has completely proved himself to be successful in doing what he is doing. But if you never try to explore what you like doing, how are you ever going to get successful? So it makes sense to defy the crowd and keep doing what you like doing and if you are really good at doing that, you might end up being successful, even if you don’t, at-least you would be happy and not die with a dreaded thought that you never thought of finding out what you really like doing in life

Being a wannabe 

“He is a wannabe!” A statement that is generally considered to be degrading for some odd reason! No one has called me a wannabe till date but I have heard people calling someone else a wannabe. BUT WHAT IS THE PROBLEM IN BEING A WANNABE? (Please reread the previous sentence slowly, word by word) In fact if you don’t wannabe something then there is a big problem with you. If a Virat Kohli never wanted to be a Sachin Tendulkar then there would never be a Virat Kohli. The dictionary-meaning of the word “Wannabe” is “a person who tries to be like someone else or to fit in with a particular group of people.” So if you are saying that being a wannabe is bad then according to the second part of the definition “to fit in with a particular group of people. “, you are so narrow minded that you wouldn’t want to allow a person to make new friends and learn new things!  What I personally don’t like (As if anyone on this earth cares about what I personally don’t like heheh) about people having a problem with other people being a wannabe is that, if YOU don’t wanna be someone or like someone doesn’t mean that you demoralize  the ones who wanna be someone or like someone (Excluding bad people like terrorists. burglars serial killers or other criminals) in life. They might take you seriously and stop pursuing their dreams.


When you are half asleep

Baby NappingThe moments just before you fall asleep are sometimes strangely beautiful as you are in the middle of slipping into an imaginary world which is free from the practicalities of the real world, where you can set the rules of the game. Into a world of dreams where you can choose to be as practical as you want or insanely impractical! The tug of war continues and finally you fall asleep because dreams are powerful, are where you can do what you could have never done in real life, are where we always want to hide secretly, where you churn out beautiful stories. Then comes the time when reality hits you like a bullet, when you open your eyes stare at the ceiling fan above you which tells you, get going, start running in circles again and you wish if you had never woken up and later smile again realising the fact that you could well be a part of a dream dreamt by someone else!