The Discipline of Art

Looking for inspiration? Then stop whiling away your time, reading this post and start doing that one thing you love doing the most but have been procrastinating about for a while. What I have realised with whatever little experience I have had in script writing or writing in general or personally talking to inspiring creators, is that they don’t wait for an inspiration, but simply go ahead doing it. What comes out without an inspiration could be absolutely shitty, but that shit too will have some sort of form. I know it’s getting a bit smelly at this point hehe. The point I am trying to make is that, if you as a creator, devote some part of your day for your passion, it could be just an hour or so, you will at least have moved a fraction of a millimetre ahead in your pursuit to realising that creation. What could be the worst consequence? You would fail miserably maybe at the moment, but you might develop a skill or two, try resolving a few problems and become better at what you love doing the most. Also, don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing. Don’t think of the end result, just keep doing it for the fun of it without keeping any high expectations.

After writing and Directing 7 to 8 short films, I decided to take the next big leap into feature length films since almost 4 years now. I have completed writing first drafts of 7 feature length scripts namely:

10 Mistakes of a Pizza Boy



Tripping Secrets

Bum hai ki manta nahi


What’s Up Dikra

Another one that I don’t want to reveal at the moment

And I have at least 6 to 7 more concepts for feature length films in mind, some of which I have abandoned in between, but still have a potential to be completed. With so many concepts that need to be developed and made into films, I have decided to work on them every single day, completing one feature length script after the other. You never know when you will find that one opportunity to pounce on. I would at least not worry about the next film that I will make after my first one! What if I don’t get that one opportunity? Well, I am positive, that question never occurs to me.


It looks like I have been boasting about what I have done till now as a writer in this blog post, but at this moment I am seriously looking for collaborations and producers who can help me make these films. What’s the point if nobody knows that what I have been upto for so many years! So please don’t mind 🙂



Greed. That’s one word that has affected humanity at different levels. As it’s very natural for humans to be greedy, we can’t really put the blame on that one particular emotion. We consider ourselves to be the most intelligent creatures on earth. But does that really matter? Do you really think that other beings really care about our existence even? Does a star that’s millions of light years apart, really care how much your intelligence is worth? Not really. It is our own intelligence that is making us believe that we are superior to everything else in this universe. So do you think other creations would be experiencing an inferiority complex because we think we are superior to them? The answer to that is again a big NO.

As we all know, humans have always been a social animal. We like to live in communities and herds. We took care of each other’s needs, a group of humans in a herd hunted and the other took care of the family. We were probably content with what we had til a point when Greed seeped in and we thought of encroaching other communities to fulfil something that we lacked. The concept of rulers and emperors emerged who were constantly looking at ways to expand their kingdoms through battles and wars. Kings wanted to capture prospering regions which could yield good agricultural revenues or land that was rich in mines or a fort that would be useful for military operations. It is said that the kings worked for the people of their kingdom, but they were very rich and had their vested interests in becoming richer through taxation and other such administrative tools.

Times started changing quickly as we started devaluing the power of community. We are so engulfed in our own greedy personal motives that we are becoming less compassionate day by day. No matter what kind of system your country is governed by today, you were instinctively a communist by heart. Our greedy motives are affecting this very basic instinct that we possess naturally. To put it simply, what’s wrong with helping out someone in need? You might not know that person personally, but what’s wrong in being compassionate? What’s wrong in being a bit more selfless and finding happiness in someone else’s happiness? What’s wrong in motivating and encouraging someone who is feeling low? What’s wrong in making someone smile by maybe just hearing them out? What’s wrong in being one with nature and loving it for all those things that nature has given at absolutely no cost at all!

We somehow have a feeling that none of this going to be profitable in any way. It is not going to fulfil our personal greed. That I feel is completely wrong. Now imagine a world where each one of us trying to be more compassionate. A world where each one of us believes that we belong to one big community called humanity. Won’t we be indirectly making our own lives better? The answer to that, for a change this time is, YES! A happier world; also means a happier you. This, I think is a too idealistic to be true, but at least we can start somewhere.

PS: By communism, I don’t mean that I am talking about its extremely adulterated version that is being practised in some parts of the world.

Kati Patang Bhi Udaa Tha Kabhi

Tried writing a hindi/urdu shayari. Hope You enjoy reading it 🙂


Roz marre ko mar mar ke jeena

Jaise Patte jo dhale shyam ki tarah

Behte pani ka rukh kisne dekha

Bade chalo bahaar ki tarah


Andar ki aawaz dhunde ek zehra

Sehma sa ghut raha hai kahin

Duniya se kya lena dena

Tu Kayaro ka Kafil toh nahi?


Woh ras hee kya jo raseela na ho

Woh baat thee kya jo binkahi ho

Kati patang bhi Udaa tha kabhi

Aasma ko Aadab kahan tha kabhi!



Of fearlessness and fears

Not sure if even the greatest warriors or saints would ever be fearless totally. Maybe they are. But is being fearless a good virtue truly? In fact, I believe human psychology would not allow one to be completely fearless. For example, you cannot be absolutely fearless when a bus is fast approaching you or when you are about to accidentally touch boiling water. I think fear is essential in many ways. It is fear that stimulates our impulses and makes us take quick and radical decisions. It is very natural to have fear of losing someone you love. Complete fearlessness can be catastrophic many times. The way human beings are marching ahead fearlessly in the name of development, globalisation and urbanisation, one needs to sit back and analyse where we are going wrong. And that would happen only if you have fear about the power of mother nature. Fearlessness can be ruthless sometimes as well. A man wanting to chase his dreams might keep aside all the emotional aspects of life in that rage. Fear makes you humble from within and makes you realise that you are not the best out there but just a tiny dot in this universe. Yes, when you have nothing to lose, you are definitely more confident. But I think fear and fearlessness is related in some way. It is the fear of losing freedom that makes warriors fearless. It is the fear of losing national security that makes our soldiers fearless. All said and done, there is one kind of fear that is absolutely worthless to have, fear of failure. Once you purge out that fear from your mind, you have a sense of contentment and a raised level of confidence!