इश्क़ नुमाया

जब बाजुए किसीका सिरहाना बन जाए

बिना करवट लिए रात गुज़र जाए

उफ़ तक किये बगैर नींद कुर्बान हो जाए

तब जनाब समझ लेना

इश्क़ का रंग गहरा हो चुका है


– प्रियेष


An Artist’s Ego

Holding onto the ideas and stories you believe in can be very strenuous at times. You might easily get intimidated by someone’s intelligent remarks or another superior artist’s works. Moreover, every artist is sensitive at the core as they face a mountain of insecurities every passing moment. But, if you are going to get bogged down by these external forces, then you are not really doing justice to that beautiful story which germinated within you.  This story needs to be told and you are the only person who can bring it out in the open, exactly the way it should be. Opinions, suggestions and reviews can be very helpful on many occasions. But, don’t allow these wise words to muddle your stream of thoughts and ideas. Even if they enhance your story and make it bloom the way you had imagined, you might not be truly satisfied. If these suggestions are taking away your identity and ingenuity, then it’s always better to stay insulated. You can call this an artist’s ego. But, I believe no artist can truly exist without possessing this ego.

Distractions and uncertainties

Sometimes it is very difficult to ward off constant distractions that life presents. These distractions may lead you in a good direction, but not necessarily the right direction! Good and right might not be the same always. If you really know what you want out of life, then you will patiently wait for the opportune moment, even if it means that you have to go through third-degree torture in that waiting process. Invest your energies in your dream and keep working towards it, that’s the only breathing space that you get as a dreamer. But, how long should one wait before you fully dive into the sea of uncertainties? That’s a question that only you can answer best.

In a world of notifications and updates

I suffer from it. And I am sure you suffer from it too, the only difference is that you are probably not consciously aware of it. In a world of social media, there is simply no end to information overload. The point is, do we need all this information? Most updates and notifications keep you engaged and entertained. They evoke all kinds of emotions in you. We have all become so addicted to information that we are always craving for more. Humans have a powerful brain and it can store in a lot of information. It can be triggered in many ways and can process an unimaginable amount of data. But, did our ancestors engage their brains so much? I don’t think so. They didn’t have the modern-day tools to do that. They relied on simple and limited ways to keep themselves entertained or informed. They found simpler ways to stay happy or satisfied.  The constant search for happiness and excitement can ultimately lead to a saturation level from where there is no way back. Or is there a way out?

Clarity is about minimalism

Nothing is as clear as it looks. Human life and emotions are so complex that no matter how hard you try understanding it, you will only keep getting entangled and sucked into its own web. The best way to remain composed and stable is by being clear in your mind from the start to finish. Over-thinking is like an overflowing dam that can lead to a flood of unwanted thoughts. Just cut the crap around you and remain focused on your priorities in life, be it relationships, passion, work or anything else for that matter. The reality is that you cannot resolve every complex situation in life, but you can at least choose the problems you really want to resolve and deal with them one at a time with clarity.

Lambi Race ka Ghoda

Lambi race ka ghoda kabhi thakta nahi

Qayamat se woh yuhi darta nahi


Jeet ka junoon jab uske jee me jal utha

Tab Thandak woh Yakeen ke Jharne se peeta


Manzil ko bhulaake jab badhoge

Toh har uunchi chalaang, muskake Jiyoge


Uss jeet ka bhi kya vajuud hoga

Jise paane murkar jeena hoga


Waqt ka aakda kabhi khatam hota nahi

Lambi race ka ghoda kabhi rukta nahi

Why Artists Need Your Love

When you know you are here to do something more than simply normal things in life, it’s a strange kind of a feeling. And when you are surrounded by people who expect you to do normal things in life, it is even worse.

Depression is a part of every artist’s life I guess. He or she feels lost every once in a while, especially when he or she is forced into a normal situation. This very state of mind then transforms into a driving force for many. It is this very state of mind that urges an artist to take that courageous step to express something special. No matter what the world thinks about his or her form of expression, a true artist will keep on going on. After spending too much time in a stable state of normalcy, an artist starts feeling the pain inside.

Artists are good at heart. Some are pure and naive, timid at times. So, this is a shout out to every Normal Person on earth. Please encourage artists. Talk to them, appreciate their work, even if it is not that great. Tell them how they can get better. They need your motivation, not your strange looks, pre-assumptions and heartless criticism.

Some artists are spearheaded; they know exactly what they want to do and how they want to do it. They don’t care what the world thinks about them or their work. They are basically not at all afraid of failure.

Not all are that way though. Many are confused, trying to find their own path. Some are depressed because of normalcy. Some are going through a rough patch financially; some are trying to find their confidence back. Some are going through a transition phase from being confused to becoming spearheaded again.

Don’t neglect them. They are human beings too. They need your love and positive energy. Because art is beautiful. The world needs it.