Are Being Knowledgeable, Being Well-read and Being Educated Mutually Exclusive?

A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would simply kill it at that. Let’s give it a thought, like the usual ‘bakchodi’- the way Indians  term it as heheh. I think that though there is some co-relation between all these things, you might want to consider some exceptional permutations. Think of a conductor in a bus. He or she is probably not well-read, nor are they highly educated, but aren’t they knowledgeable? You definitely can’t say no. Knowledge is, I think associated with what one has experienced or observed in life. Reading and education will definitely improve one’s knowledge but it doesn’t mean that a construction labourer is not knowledgeable, just because he/she is not well-read or educated. They know exactly how to do the work that they are assigned. Take new born babies for example. They do have knowledge based on whatever little observations they have made in life. Education, if pursued to improve one’s knowledge would be useful else it would just be a waste of time. It is also important to improve one’s ability to question things and find out what according to them is right or wrong. Reading is a subset of education but reading something that is not at all related to your field of interest will broaden your horizons, make you imagine things that you might never otherwise and perhaps make you more knowledgeable. Coming to what amongst these three is important in life? I think being knowledgeable is more important. I, for instance, very rarely read books. Education in India is more for improving your chances of finding a job than anything else, though there are many who pursue it to gain knowledge about something they love. Let it be. ‘Importance’ is very subjective, so I don’t want my opinion to affect yours. Damn this is getting awfully confusing. Just chuck it, don’t break your heads!

Is Living Superficially Really That Uncool?

I know I could be hurting sentiments of hardcore thinkers and philosophers. Losing into the depth of your thoughts is great; I mean it’s really intelligent of you. You and your intelligent friends have a good chunk of some good shit to ponder about, banter about. Think why things are not going right, think why someone is behaving the way they are, think of how this world can be a better place etc etc. But hold on. I have observed people who live superficially. They are so better off. Seriously. Get up, work, come back, relax over some good family time, sleep and continue the same cycle till you die. What’s wrong in that? Intellectuals would disagree with this and want to say that, you can’t just live superficially, but I think those who do that are much much happier. Give it a thought!


The Boy and his Dog (Musical Montage) A Screenwriting Exercise

Some visuals came to my head when I was listening to this classic violin piece “Bach Partita N°3 prelude”..

Read the screenplay.. as you play the song..

A close shot of a little boy pushing a wooden door of a countryside old house quickly. He swiftly jumps outside, camera simply follows the running boy. He is running across the green pastures.. his legs fall on a puddle, splashing water.. he continues to run.. we see his mother screaming as he passes by, boy does not care… he runs.. runs without thinking where he is running..

A brown furred dog starts running along with the boy.. the dog is not angry.. but is his playful pet.. A side profile follow shot shows the boy and the brown dog almost overtaking a bicycle that a man is riding beside them..  he gets tired at a point… his pace reduces.. He stands taking in heavy breaths.. with his hands on his knees..

He looks up after a moment.. a wide shot shows that he is in the middle of a vast landscape.. The man rides the bicycle, far past the boy on a narrow path… The boy stays back not worried about losing the race..  Camera revolves around the still smiling boy.. with his hands on his hips and his dog beside him barking in excitement.. the boy is engrossed looking at the immense beauty around him.. a wider shot reveals that a pond is in front of him.. an even longer shot reveals that behind the pond there are some mountains at the distance.. not too visible.. hidden behind the clouds…. he smiles as the dog too looks at the scenery wagging his tail, a bit calmer now..  Extreme wide shot of the dog wagging his tail and the boy admiring beauty of nature…

Close shot of the boy’s legs as he treads ahead slowly through the grass.. a mid shot reveals that he is walking towards a tree near the edge of the pond.. he sits under it.. He looks up.. a mango is within his reach just above his head.. A top angle shot of the boy looking at the mango excitedly..

Cut to Boy is eating a mango.. the mango seed is fully naked.. nothing of the pulp remains.. the boy’s lips are all messed up.. he does not care.. actually he has not even realized that his lips are messed up.. he is simply enjoying the taste of the mango.. his dog looks on.. he is done.. he looks up again.. another mango catches his attention.. this time though.. the mango is far from his reach..  both the dog and the boy are looking at the mango high up in the branches.. wondering if he would be able to reach it.. he starts throwing stones at the mango, the dog too jumps and barks trying in his own way to help the boy.. the mango does not fall down even after several attempts, what happens to the mango is the mango’s fate, not even I nor the boy knows that.

He is now flying a kite in the sky.. somewhere else..  at a mountain top.. The sun sets behind a silhouette of the boy, his dog and the flying kite..

The boy lost the race. He could not pluck the mango. Even his kite will not fly beyond a limit and will fall down after some time. Has he actually lost anything? Don’t know.:)


What is the purpose of life? Bullshit!

Philosophy is not about getting philosophical. Today I would like to share my strange thoughts on why on earth we get so stressed up, trying to understand what life is all about, find the so called “truth of life”.

Let’s think with some logic here. The maximum a human being can survive is for 100 years. But these days you can take out 20 years from that and make it 80. In those 80 years, take out 20 which we all invest in ideally enjoying childhood and getting educated. After that we slowly start getting into a rut really.

We get stressed out about relationships that are not really working for you. Hang on, if they have to work, they will, if they don’t, they won’t. Give it your best shot and have no regrets. No point in pushing too hard or forcing someone to fall for you by manipulating them by being fake, if they start liking you that way then they are liking the fake side of you, not the real you. There are some relationships like the mother-child one, father-child one, sibling-love, buddy-love, apart from your girlfriend-boyfriend love that will mostly never fail or die down. Feel good and lucky about that.

Then we start chasing something we don’t have, money, career, dreams etc. Slow down baby, having a dream, being passionate is good. It gives you direction; you get up every morning for a reason then. But there’s a limit to that too. At what cost are you running around so much for? Are you like starving to death or something? If yes, then you probably have to pull your socks up a bit and keep running till you are like okay to live a normal life. But, if you have most of the basics that you need to live an okay life, then why can’t you be a bit more content? What you are working towards will happen when the right time comes, but not before that. Also keep trying with a thought that nothing really is going to happen, this will take out violence from you when you are following your passion. Enjoy your journey rather than worrying if you will reach the destination or not.

I myself was going through a phase in life that built frustration and anger within me, as things were moving too slowly or were not really moving at all! But then I thought, is it worth getting so stressed about these things? No! Not at all! I realised that there is no meaning to life. There is no real truth you need to find. Just do something that keeps you happy more or less, not something that stresses you out. The reason why we are all here for is to live. Simply.



What is Machoness?

The birth of “machoness” is probably yet another example of how rules laid down by the society has almost literally made genetic changes in human beings! Think, every man is born with an emotional quotient, but then he is raised in a society where an emotional man is always looked down upon or laughed at. This makes him look at ways how he can still maintain his macho-quotient up by training his mind and heart… to not emote much.. not cry.. be tough.. workout.. build muscles.. be meaner.. never lose.. learn a few foul words.. come across this super-confident alpha male, without the slightest vulnerability of failure or an emotional encounter.. All men are probably not so macho.. but have slowly accepted the new definition of manliness or masculinity under the pressures of societal norms..  Yes, enjoying a game of football.. a drink.. freaking out with friends are all traits of a man.. but you cannot really completely take out the softer side of him.. if you are.. then you are either going against nature.. fooling yourself to be this tough man.. or have probably genetically changed into a macho man:)


Passion, Love, Humour

Probably, three emotions that help you maintain the right balance in life. It’s not that other emotions like anger and sorrow should be held back as each one of it is humanly and very natural. But when these three emotions – Passion, Love and Humour are in the right proportion, you feel at peace for some reason. Perhaps because passion is what brings in energy and pushes you beyond your limits. Humor is what makes things lighter; a good laugh is a great way to de-stress, also creating situations that make others laugh brings in positivity. Finally love makes you content; the feeling that you are in love and are being loved is what gives you strength to follow your passion fearlessly.

Internet-influence on personal choices and individuality

Internet has in a way engulfed the world. Yes, it has helped mankind connect and get closer. Anyone can learn whatever they want to or read about the latest news and happenings from around the world. One small thing that bothers me is this problem of viral information force-fed to the audience through advertising. What everyone likes is what you end up liking. It could be news, music, films, TV shows, book reviews, product reviews, humor, fashion, trends, anything and everything. It is almost as if what the internet pukes on you, is what is supposed to be good. Not even for a second do we want to analyze if it is something that you REALLY like or if you are completely clouded by a fake perception created by the viral nature of internet content emerged out of forced advertising. Sometimes it is better to observe from the outside than get sucked into this internet-crazy world.