On strange, forced, religious and festive celebrations

If banning is such an obsession in India, why can’t these morons ban festive and religious processions which paralyze public transport completely? After stupid Ganesh Chaturthi Visarjan processions, strange Muharram and Eid celebrations in the middle of the road, today the Sikhs have started this senseless need to showcase the power of their sect on the roads leaving commuters stranded for hours. If you want to take a procession, why can’t you do it in a private place or on a ground or something?  If prayers are for God, why do you need to blast them on speakers? What is the point to pollute water reservoirs by immersing poisonous Ganesh Idols or Durga idols? What is the point in bursting crackers during Diwali publically which leads to noise pollution and air pollution? Again if you want to do it, why can’t you do it in sound-proof areas without polluting the environment or disturbing someone who is not at all interested in these celebrations? The sad part is that the questions are logical but logic does not play a part when it is about religion and so the answers are always going to be illogical.

On Being an Emotional Fool

EmotionSome of us are accused of being emotional fools, and I am proud to be a part of those “some of us”. This is what separates us from someone who finds it hard to feel moved by an emotion, someone who is moved by an emotion but are afraid of showcasing it or someone is moved by an emotion but does not value it by not investing a few moments, living that emotion completely. I know of many good friends who are good at heart, nice and emotional but, with time and with a fear of what the world will think of them, have changed themselves by wearing a mask of this “rough and tough human-being”- A phase that I personally went through, but later realized, it’s totally not worth it. All I have to tell them is; relax, it is OKAY to be emotional, this is how we are scientifically, this is how our hormones make us behave, this is how we have become, with the kind of environments that we have lived in, with the experiences we have had or with the kind of upbringing we have got. It is our way of being honest to ourselves or someone whom we interact with. Wearing your mind up on your sleeves is much better than carrying strange pent-up thoughts in our heads or being dual. Also, I feel good when someone makes use of this side of me and fools me, because at-least I have made them think of interesting ideas to make a fool of me, made them laugh, probably gave them an adrenaline rush, sit on the edge of their seats in that process of making a fool of me. I feel like I have entertained them to a good extent and made their creative juices flow. :D.

So, sit back, be who you are.

Becoming more intimidating with age

After a few personal experiences, I’ve realized that most of us sadly become more intimidating as we grow up. Our views get more assertive, jokes edgier and opinions stronger. Our choices get well-defined and it gets difficult to like something that you never liked or unlike something that you always liked. We start assuming that we know more and unknowingly feel better about enforcing someone or making someone believe in our experiences and learning. We start oozing with confidence and a sense of arrogance with each problem we find a solution to. We still live with bitter memories of failures and defeats, even though we cover it up with our accomplishments from outside.  We listen less and speak more and don’t give ourselves a chance to unlearn what we’ve already learned. A child’s mind is never prejudiced and we would have to keep this childish side of our brains more active if we were to become less intimidating.

Of Uncertainty and Thinking of “Nothing”

I rest with my eyes open, wondering when sleep will take over me… wandering in search of something that even I don’t know what it’s going to be like, when I find it or should I say, if I find it. Certainty is a state of mind that breaks a chain of thoughts. I wished I was certain about what I am going through. Lucky are the ones who “know”. But when knowledge goes beyond what the books say, you start taking a trip that has no end. The restless mind makes you want to “know” and when you easily believe in what your mind has to say, life gets easy. But when another part of your mind takes a separate route, there is conflict until the time both these parts arrive at a consensus. I hope I break my chain of thoughts soon, I hope I learn to think of “Nothing” one day at least for some time.


I LOVE MY COUNTRY! A false fallacy that most of humanity lives in and heights of patriotism makes them so blind that you could actually go blind! Yes it’s difficult for someone to hate their own country for its narrow minded ideologies and other illogical actions that they boast about and are accountable for. India for some reason today has a face of a super-developing country with heavy investments in the power, industrial and agriculture sectors. But recent decisions taken by the government like banning beef just because hardcore Hindus think that cows are sacred; scrutinizing the censorship board on usage of words like “fuck”; banning an online Hindi version of Charlie Sheen’s “Roast” just because they thought it had too many abuses; banning the documentary “India’s Daughter” because they thought it would sabotage India’s image; shows how backward we really are in terms of thoughts that even arise in our heads. I am not that well-versed with world politics, but if you are from the USA and you have no problem with its ideology of becoming a world-power by dominating all other countries who have the potential to earn them bucks either because they have oil-treasures or because of any other reason, then you’ve got a problem. If you’re from Pakistan and were not a part of the protest against religious leaders instigating and propagating Jihad, then you’ve got a problem. Patriotism is great if you use it logically to fight for your rights, against militant attacks or to save lives, national property and nature. Someone rightly said that it’s important to be unbiased and unattached to know and accept the truth. And truth mostly resides where there is logic. Logic says humour is essential, religion is fatal and love is all that humanity needs.

Of Disconnections and Influences

Again a thought you might want to think about. As I write this, I would never even in my dreams want you to be influenced by my opinions. It would be an absolute nightmare for me if that happened, because that was never what I intended to do. I am just putting my thoughts across through my writings and want you to ponder about them… arrive at your own conclusions. Though, it’s my thought, I don’t claim that it’s original. Even I have been influenced in some way by what I have observed, experienced or read. What I derive at through my experiences is subject to alterations as I make new observations. Logic is what drives my thought. If you don’t find logic in what I am proposing you are entitled to thrash it. But reasoning is always prejudiced by earlier influences which make thought processes even more rigid. What’s required is a need to disconnect with your influences and treat your new thought in isolation from all that you’ve learned earlier. What I think is that unlearning first to learn new concepts leads to a greater and in most cases a more accurate understanding.


Having control over something gives you a feeling of accomplishment for some odd reason, but we forget that this feeling of accomplishment that you sense might sometimes be at the cost of freedom of that “something”. This “something” that I am talking about could be anything. It could be physical or emotional. It could be a living being or its thoughts, its actions. It could be your own thoughts or actions. It could be a piece of land or a machine. How you choose to control is purely your choice. We know how religions, bad education systems, preachers, leaders and ideologies have controlled our thoughts since centuries. To an extent that it has almost wiped out the necessity to reason, to ask logical questions and find out their logical answers. Controlling to climax at the right time for satisfying your partner is good. Controlling the speed of your vehicle to avoid an accident is good. Controlling to stay away from an addiction to be healthy is good. Controlling your anger or sorrow? Aaam.. I don’t believe it’s that great an idea. I wished everyone lost control over their anger or sorrow and let it dissipate into a beautiful conversation with someone around them, trying to find out the exact cause of what is making them angry or sorrowful. A good debate with logical reasoning can induce peace within you and sometimes save lives too.