Hatred Breeds More Hatred

I live in a country where the current political standpoint of most politically-inclined citizens is extreme. I believe that this could be a very hysterical state to be in. On one side there is a community of people who go lashing all out at “Bhakts”, a word that is associated with anybody who is pro-Narendra Modi/ BJP/ Hindutva/ “nationalism” (quoting nationalism since I believe that the word nationalism has been tarnished and misused by many people). The word “Bhakts” also has been chosen by the same Anti-Modi community. On the other side, there is a pro-Modi community who keep ranting against” pseudo-secular” groups, leftist, extremists and separatists belonging majorly to the minority or Muslim community.

We need to rise above our own ego to look at a situation more objectively. The problem with this rising hatred and this kind of extreme outlook is that it all piles up at the end. The threshold of all this pent-up anger could be disastrous for any country’s future. Both communities are at fault and have been the reason behind many controversies and communal riots. But there is no point in digging graves and rubbing salt in each other’s wounds. Hating each other will only amount to more hatred.

We need to take a fresh start by erasing our memories like we format hard-discs. Having said that, it won’t be easy for those who have lost their dear ones in riots like these! But I don’t see any other way ahead either. Brotherhood is our saving grace. Only if these fire-breathing dragons with rigid ideologies could understand! And like they say, an ideal state can seldom be a realistic expectation. But nobody can stop us from dreaming at least. Just four days ahead of India’s Independence Day, 15th August, this thought seems to be worthy to ponder about maybe. Don’t you think? Give it a thought!

Jai Hind.



Let’s build an amusement park in Ayodhya

If Allah and Rama ever existed and if they were fun loving people who tasted beer at-least once in their lives, then they would absolutely love this idea. (For those who don’t know where I am coming from, here is a link that shares all the shitty, dark and sadly true facts: http://bit.ly/OGYlxv) Another reason why I turned into an atheist. Imagine an amusement park where human beings (who originally never belonged to any religion) had a rollicking time enjoying some thrilling rides with their parents, uncles aunties, sisters daughters, sons, grandpas and grandmas, teachers, dogs, cats etc. A complementary gift that anybody who enters the amusement park would be a free pitcher of beer! Also another task that they would compulsorily have to perform to open the gates of the park would be: sing along to a karaoke that plays the song ‘Imagine’ by ‘The Beatles’ and raise a toast, shout out “Cheers to Love, Peace and Happiness”

Where are we heading?

question-markWe take pride in being the largest intelligent species on earth disrespecting every other species who is trying to survive and prosper just because they are not as intelligent as we are. Killing people (Since there are so many already), Capturing uncaptured lands (Since we are falling short of places to live on earth). Enforcing and protecting senseless ideologies (Since no other species feels the need to understand them). Go Human Go, once you are done with earth, go to some other planet and turn them into heartless crystal balls!

This post was inspired by an amazing music video for a song called “You! Me! Dancing!” by “Los Campesinos”, that I happened to watch on youtube.  Check it out!