Finding the “me” in “us”

It’s been a while since I wrote for my personal blog. More than being busy with other writing projects and professional assignments, it’s because it was becoming more about me, my views, my opinions, experiences. Almost like a reckless monster that cared less. I wanted to observe other people, meet them, talk to them and know them better so that I could think beyond myself. The “other people” whom I am talking about are the ones dearest to me. Not sure how far I could excel in that attempt, but it has been a truly rewarding experience nevertheless. Now I know I am flawed in more ways than I thought I was. I have changed a lot. I think I am more opinionated than ever before which sometimes offends or hurts others as well.

The time you don’t spend with the ones who need your time the most won’t really come back. So, I think it is much better to offload that baggage of “me” and explore the “me” in “us”. Human minds are much more complex than we think it is. Understanding it in one lifetime is impossible. But understanding how you behave in certain situations, how you respond to someone is a process of self-analysis that could help you become a better person.


Are we really time-bound?

Who declared that time ticks away all the time? The ticking hand of the clock? But wasn’t all that a man-made concept? So what if we were to consider that time never ticked ahead and that the occurrence of day and night was just a natural phenomenon; and so was the case with ageing? Think. You would be where you are now, you wouldn’t have lived the years you thought you have, you just observed the days following the nights and then finally died one fine day. Is this thought making you feel better or worse? I feel better. The feeling that you are not bound by time, you are beyond time, you are not chasing something just because you think you are falling short of time. So when you assume that there is not concept called time, there is probably all the time in the world! Relax; things will happen, when they have to. But, this is just a thought; don’t consider it to be your licence to not be punctual heheh. It is your mind, think whatever suits you best!

Is Living Superficially Really That Uncool?

I know I could be hurting sentiments of hardcore thinkers and philosophers. Losing into the depth of your thoughts is great; I mean it’s really intelligent of you. You and your intelligent friends have a good chunk of some good shit to ponder about, banter about. Think why things are not going right, think why someone is behaving the way they are, think of how this world can be a better place etc etc. But hold on. I have observed people who live superficially. They are so better off. Seriously. Get up, work, come back, relax over some good family time, sleep and continue the same cycle till you die. What’s wrong in that? Intellectuals would disagree with this and want to say that, you can’t just live superficially, but I think those who do that are much much happier. Give it a thought!

Passion, Love, Humour

Probably, three emotions that help you maintain the right balance in life. It’s not that other emotions like anger and sorrow should be held back as each one of it is humanly and very natural. But when these three emotions – Passion, Love and Humour are in the right proportion, you feel at peace for some reason. Perhaps because passion is what brings in energy and pushes you beyond your limits. Humor is what makes things lighter; a good laugh is a great way to de-stress, also creating situations that make others laugh brings in positivity. Finally love makes you content; the feeling that you are in love and are being loved is what gives you strength to follow your passion fearlessly.

On Being an Emotional Fool

EmotionSome of us are accused of being emotional fools, and I am proud to be a part of those “some of us”. This is what separates us from someone who finds it hard to feel moved by an emotion, someone who is moved by an emotion but are afraid of showcasing it or someone is moved by an emotion but does not value it by not investing a few moments, living that emotion completely. I know of many good friends who are good at heart, nice and emotional but, with time and with a fear of what the world will think of them, have changed themselves by wearing a mask of this “rough and tough human-being”- A phase that I personally went through, but later realized, it’s totally not worth it. All I have to tell them is; relax, it is OKAY to be emotional, this is how we are scientifically, this is how our hormones make us behave, this is how we have become, with the kind of environments that we have lived in, with the experiences we have had or with the kind of upbringing we have got. It is our way of being honest to ourselves or someone whom we interact with. Wearing your mind up on your sleeves is much better than carrying strange pent-up thoughts in our heads or being dual. Also, I feel good when someone makes use of this side of me and fools me, because at-least I have made them think of interesting ideas to make a fool of me, made them laugh, probably gave them an adrenaline rush, sit on the edge of their seats in that process of making a fool of me. I feel like I have entertained them to a good extent and made their creative juices flow. :D.

So, sit back, be who you are.