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Is Consumerism Consuming Mankind?

How much of more is enough? Looks like a question whose answers will be very relative, depending on how much of more is more for you. We live in a world where there is something for everything and everyone. The latest trend has been fidget spinners. Everyone wants them. Everyone wants to pay a few bucks and buy these toys. Mobile phones with an added feature become the sensation for a month. Another sensational model is launched the very next month by another brand to become a bigger sensation. A wardrobe with week-old clothes becomes old enough to be revamped. Things to eat, things to wear, things to get entertained, things to communicate! Basically, there is a thing for anyone and everyone that can be bought to do anything and everything. If there is no such thing, then a demand for such a thing is created by masters of consumerism. There are a million billion-dollar multinational companies in this world which thrive by churning out these things that you supposedly “need”. The big question though here is, do you really need them? Back to the first question – how much of more is enough? A minimalistic lifestyle can make this world a better place. How? When people become self-sufficient with what they have easily, there would be lesser electronic waste, there would be lesser industries, lesser vehicles. They might start innovating to make this world greener and happier. Money would be diverted for the poor and the needy. This would be the beginning of the building of a sustainable society. Maybe. Not really sure.