how are you?

How are you?

Now that I have realised that at-least someone is reading my blog posts, just curious to know how you are doing. Hope you are smiling and not worrying about that dog which spoiled your garden. Hope you are enjoying your beer and not cribbing about your empty plate that had something to munch onto. Hope you are not in a rush to zip through this blog post and zip through the next one after this. The point I wanted to make was that the question “How are you?” has lost its beauty today. Today, it’s sadly, just a formal way to start a conversation. Even kids are taught to ask people the same question and answer back by saying “I am fine”. I can’t remember the last time when someone asked me “How are you?” and not follow it up with something else or at-least make an attempt to listen to your answer carefully. Today I just want to know how you are doing and trust me I don’t want anything else from you. Feel free to answer and don’t restrict your answers to just an “I am fine” 🙂