More of more

“More” means peacock in Hindi, but is a real monster in English. More food, more attention, more money, more cars, more games, more movies, more TV series, more songs, more likes, more shares, more selfies, more fame, more popularity, more fans, more friends, better bank balance, more properties, more industries, more cars, more roads, more votes, more land, more wars, more power, better economy, more parties, louder music, taller skyscrapers, trippier  stuff, more riffs, more base, more leads, more clicks, more profit, more business, more advertising, more marketing, better deals, more offers, more discounts, better gifts, better physique, more books, more knowledge, more dates, more girlfriends, more boyfriends, more sex, more kids, fairer skin-tone, better hike, more hard work, more up to date, more adrenaline, better fashion, more clothes, better clothes, better shoes, more shoes, more travels, more functions, more temple visits, more excitement, more news, more updates, more phone calls, more furniture, more GB, more processing speed, better computers, better features, better camera, more pixels, more hard disk space……




I know greed comes naturally to human beings, but to what extent should you extend it?


Take it easy buddy. You are probably doing just fine with what you have. Breathe. Be more content and more happy… oops, happier!




How are you?

Now that I have realised that at-least someone is reading my blog posts, just curious to know how you are doing. Hope you are smiling and not worrying about that dog which spoiled your garden. Hope you are enjoying your beer and not cribbing about your empty plate that had something to munch onto. Hope you are not in a rush to zip through this blog post and zip through the next one after this. The point I wanted to make was that the question “How are you?” has lost its beauty today. Today, it’s sadly, just a formal way to start a conversation. Even kids are taught to ask people the same question and answer back by saying “I am fine”. I can’t remember the last time when someone asked me “How are you?” and not follow it up with something else or at-least make an attempt to listen to your answer carefully. Today I just want to know how you are doing and trust me I don’t want anything else from you. Feel free to answer and don’t restrict your answers to just an “I am fine” 🙂

Let’s build an amusement park in Ayodhya

If Allah and Rama ever existed and if they were fun loving people who tasted beer at-least once in their lives, then they would absolutely love this idea. (For those who don’t know where I am coming from, here is a link that shares all the shitty, dark and sadly true facts: http://bit.ly/OGYlxv) Another reason why I turned into an atheist. Imagine an amusement park where human beings (who originally never belonged to any religion) had a rollicking time enjoying some thrilling rides with their parents, uncles aunties, sisters daughters, sons, grandpas and grandmas, teachers, dogs, cats etc. A complementary gift that anybody who enters the amusement park would be a free pitcher of beer! Also another task that they would compulsorily have to perform to open the gates of the park would be: sing along to a karaoke that plays the song ‘Imagine’ by ‘The Beatles’ and raise a toast, shout out “Cheers to Love, Peace and Happiness”