Greed. That’s one word that has affected humanity at different levels. As it’s very natural for humans to be greedy, we can’t really put the blame on that one particular emotion. We consider ourselves to be the most intelligent creatures on earth. But does that really matter? Do you really think that other beings really care about our existence even? Does a star that’s millions of light years apart, really care how much your intelligence is worth? Not really. It is our own intelligence that is making us believe that we are superior to everything else in this universe. So do you think other creations would be experiencing an inferiority complex because we think we are superior to them? The answer to that is again a big NO.

As we all know, humans have always been a social animal. We like to live in communities and herds. We took care of each other’s needs, a group of humans in a herd hunted and the other took care of the family. We were probably content with what we had til a point when Greed seeped in and we thought of encroaching other communities to fulfil something that we lacked. The concept of rulers and emperors emerged who were constantly looking at ways to expand their kingdoms through battles and wars. Kings wanted to capture prospering regions which could yield good agricultural revenues or land that was rich in mines or a fort that would be useful for military operations. It is said that the kings worked for the people of their kingdom, but they were very rich and had their vested interests in becoming richer through taxation and other such administrative tools.

Times started changing quickly as we started devaluing the power of community. We are so engulfed in our own greedy personal motives that we are becoming less compassionate day by day. No matter what kind of system your country is governed by today, you were instinctively a communist by heart. Our greedy motives are affecting this very basic instinct that we possess naturally. To put it simply, what’s wrong with helping out someone in need? You might not know that person personally, but what’s wrong in being compassionate? What’s wrong in being a bit more selfless and finding happiness in someone else’s happiness? What’s wrong in motivating and encouraging someone who is feeling low? What’s wrong in making someone smile by maybe just hearing them out? What’s wrong in being one with nature and loving it for all those things that nature has given at absolutely no cost at all!

We somehow have a feeling that none of this going to be profitable in any way. It is not going to fulfil our personal greed. That I feel is completely wrong. Now imagine a world where each one of us trying to be more compassionate. A world where each one of us believes that we belong to one big community called humanity. Won’t we be indirectly making our own lives better? The answer to that, for a change this time is, YES! A happier world; also means a happier you. This, I think is a too idealistic to be true, but at least we can start somewhere.

PS: By communism, I don’t mean that I am talking about its extremely adulterated version that is being practised in some parts of the world.


More of more

“More” means peacock in Hindi, but is a real monster in English. More food, more attention, more money, more cars, more games, more movies, more TV series, more songs, more likes, more shares, more selfies, more fame, more popularity, more fans, more friends, better bank balance, more properties, more industries, more cars, more roads, more votes, more land, more wars, more power, better economy, more parties, louder music, taller skyscrapers, trippier  stuff, more riffs, more base, more leads, more clicks, more profit, more business, more advertising, more marketing, better deals, more offers, more discounts, better gifts, better physique, more books, more knowledge, more dates, more girlfriends, more boyfriends, more sex, more kids, fairer skin-tone, better hike, more hard work, more up to date, more adrenaline, better fashion, more clothes, better clothes, better shoes, more shoes, more travels, more functions, more temple visits, more excitement, more news, more updates, more phone calls, more furniture, more GB, more processing speed, better computers, better features, better camera, more pixels, more hard disk space……




I know greed comes naturally to human beings, but to what extent should you extend it?


Take it easy buddy. You are probably doing just fine with what you have. Breathe. Be more content and more happy… oops, happier!



You own it only when you have a heart to let it go!

Sounds pretty illogical if you were to think logically. But there are many instances when logic takes a backseat for some reason. Like in this case where there are two contradictory thoughts put in the same sentence. Let me try and explain. As humans we always tend to chase our desires with a lot of angst, put our foot down and sand say, “I love it and It’s going to be with me forever.”  I think that there are two opposing elements in this sentence too. Why? Because the statement has a tinge of violence in it and is also talking about love at the same time. Like the famous J. Krishnamurthy quote goes “Where there is violence there is no love.” So when I say “having a heart to let go of something you love” it does not mean that you ‘want’ to let it go, it means you don’t mind if you have to let it go for some reason. Basically when you are unable to let go of the things you own, you are not owning it, the things are owning you instead. So, the next time you think you love or own something, have a heart to let it go as well.

What if there was nothing called currency?

meatalhammer93.1The Lydian civilization (1200-546 BC) which was located near Western Anatolia, Salihli, Manisa, Turkey was where gold and silver coins were used as currency for the first time. What happened after that is clearly evident even today, when we look at how we have prospered and multiplied leaps and bounds. But if you look at the other side, currency has also given rise to poverty, discrimination, exploitation, burglary, dominance, corruption and many other such unwanted, evil and disruptive elements in the society. What if there was no currency? We would be living to live and not to mint money. We would work hard to cultivate food on our own lands so that we could eat, we would build small houses and be content with what we have. Or maybe not, considering the fact that greed is wired deep into our systems naturally, we would try and capture lands to make more food and exchange it for making more profits. So the whole point of a world without the concept of currency, would not serve its purpose. Unless and until man becomes less greedy, there is no escape route really!

Where are we heading?

question-markWe take pride in being the largest intelligent species on earth disrespecting every other species who is trying to survive and prosper just because they are not as intelligent as we are. Killing people (Since there are so many already), Capturing uncaptured lands (Since we are falling short of places to live on earth). Enforcing and protecting senseless ideologies (Since no other species feels the need to understand them). Go Human Go, once you are done with earth, go to some other planet and turn them into heartless crystal balls!

This post was inspired by an amazing music video for a song called “You! Me! Dancing!” by “Los Campesinos”, that I happened to watch on youtube.  Check it out!