Having control over something gives you a feeling of accomplishment for some odd reason, but we forget that this feeling of accomplishment that you sense might sometimes be at the cost of freedom of that “something”. This “something” that I am talking about could be anything. It could be physical or emotional. It could be a living being or its thoughts, its actions. It could be your own thoughts or actions. It could be a piece of land or a machine. How you choose to control is purely your choice. We know how religions, bad education systems, preachers, leaders and ideologies have controlled our thoughts since centuries. To an extent that it has almost wiped out the necessity to reason, to ask logical questions and find out their logical answers. Controlling to climax at the right time for satisfying your partner is good. Controlling the speed of your vehicle to avoid an accident is good. Controlling to stay away from an addiction to be healthy is good. Controlling your anger or sorrow? Aaam.. I don’t believe it’s that great an idea. I wished everyone lost control over their anger or sorrow and let it dissipate into a beautiful conversation with someone around them, trying to find out the exact cause of what is making them angry or sorrowful. A good debate with logical reasoning can induce peace within you and sometimes save lives too.


Funny Debates Fueled by Religion!

img-thingRecently I read a post on facebook that slammed Islam by saying that it is strange to find that Islam believes in more than 1 wife and also believes in just 1 God at the same time! I was laughing reading the series of offensive and defensive comments since I do not believe in religion. For an outsider like me who cares a damn about mythological stories or the concept called religion, it is easy to form another stupid debate topic that raises a similar stupid question that could blame Hindus for not having more than 1 wife since they believe in more than 1 God.  Also if I believe in zero God then according to this debate I should stay unmarried.  I have just one thing to say about religious people cranking their brains up for silly reasons, “Take a break; go have some beer instead! (only if you want to that is, no compulsion, else they might start saying that I am enticing people to  drink)” Cheers! 😀