What is Machoness?

The birth of “machoness” is probably yet another example of how rules laid down by the society has almost literally made genetic changes in human beings! Think, every man is born with an emotional quotient, but then he is raised in a society where an emotional man is always looked down upon or laughed at. This makes him look at ways how he can still maintain his macho-quotient up by training his mind and heart… to not emote much.. not cry.. be tough.. workout.. build muscles.. be meaner.. never lose.. learn a few foul words.. come across this super-confident alpha male, without the slightest vulnerability of failure or an emotional encounter.. All men are probably not so macho.. but have slowly accepted the new definition of manliness or masculinity under the pressures of societal norms..  Yes, enjoying a game of football.. a drink.. freaking out with friends are all traits of a man.. but you cannot really completely take out the softer side of him.. if you are.. then you are either going against nature.. fooling yourself to be this tough man.. or have probably genetically changed into a macho man 🙂

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