Internet-influence on personal choices and individuality

Internet has in a way engulfed the world. Yes, it has helped mankind connect and get closer. Anyone can learn whatever they want to or read about the latest news and happenings from around the world. One small thing that bothers me is this problem of viral information force-fed to the audience through advertising. What everyone likes is what you end up liking. It could be news, music, films, TV shows, book reviews, product reviews, humor, fashion, trends, anything and everything. It is almost as if what the internet pukes on you, is what is supposed to be good. Not even for a second do we want to analyze if it is something that you REALLY like or if you are completely clouded by a fake perception created by the viral nature of internet content emerged out of forced advertising. Sometimes it is better to observe from the outside than get sucked into this internet-crazy world.

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