On Being an Emotional Fool

EmotionSome of us are accused of being emotional fools, and I am proud to be a part of those “some of us”. This is what separates us from someone who finds it hard to feel moved by an emotion, someone who is moved by an emotion but are afraid of showcasing it or someone is moved by an emotion but does not value it by not investing a few moments, living that emotion completely. I know of many good friends who are good at heart, nice and emotional but, with time and with a fear of what the world will think of them, have changed themselves by wearing a mask of this “rough and tough human-being”- A phase that I personally went through, but later realized, it’s totally not worth it. All I have to tell them is; relax, it is OKAY to be emotional, this is how we are scientifically, this is how our hormones make us behave, this is how we have become, with the kind of environments that we have lived in, with the experiences we have had or with the kind of upbringing we have got. It is our way of being honest to ourselves or someone whom we interact with. Wearing your mind up on your sleeves is much better than carrying strange pent-up thoughts in our heads or being dual. Also, I feel good when someone makes use of this side of me and fools me, because at-least I have made them think of interesting ideas to make a fool of me, made them laugh, probably gave them an adrenaline rush, sit on the edge of their seats in that process of making a fool of me. I feel like I have entertained them to a good extent and made their creative juices flow. :D.

So, sit back, be who you are.

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