Becoming more intimidating with age

After a few personal experiences, I’ve realized that most of us sadly become more intimidating as we grow up. Our views get more assertive, jokes edgier and opinions stronger. Our choices get well-defined and it gets difficult to like something that you never liked or unlike something that you always liked. We start assuming that we know more and unknowingly feel better about enforcing someone or making someone believe in our experiences and learning. We start oozing with confidence and a sense of arrogance with each problem we find a solution to. We still live with bitter memories of failures and defeats, even though we cover it up with our accomplishments from outside.  We listen less and speak more and don’t give ourselves a chance to unlearn what we’ve already learned. A child’s mind is never prejudiced and we would have to keep this childish side of our brains more active if we were to become less intimidating.

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