WH questions

The “wh” questions that we were taught in school are generally used, even after we grow old, to find answers to superficial questions like, “Where is Alice?”, “What is your name?” etc. We are so tied up in our daily routines that we rarely find time to use them for asking larger questions. Or, if we were to analyse, we do not have any clue what these larger questions could be. Why do we need to ask these questions anyways? The point is, as long as we are happy, we do not feel the need to ask any questions. Questions are raised when we are trying to find the solution to a problem. Our problems are restricted to our personal lives and have no co-relation with what is happening outside the small world that we live inside. Why should we break our heads thinking of problems that do not affect us? Because we belong to the same race, the human race and have to ideally instinctively think of ways to help another fellow human being in trouble!


  1. I thought you wouldn’t because either you found it too boring and useless like everyone else or you couldn’t find the connect between two human beings, one from New Zealand and the other from India, That made you feel like asking this question. What do you think, did I answer your question, Why I wrote this? 🙂

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