Learning to rewrite

I was always under the impression that the freshest thoughts that come out of your little brains are the best ones. They seem to be exciting. Exciting, but sometimes only for some time though! For example if I were to read what I have just written, aaam may be four times it would look ok. But the fifth time I read it, it will start to look lustreless for some reason. Same is the case with the 90 minute script that I am currently writing, though I have completed two drafts, when I read it now, after a week, I feel that a lot of things can be reworked to make it more gripping and humorous. I am not sure if I should get depressed about this, but the fact is that I am a horrible re-writer. It’s difficult but, I guess it’s important for a writer to be able to rewrite what he or she has written and ofcourse better it. Ok, so I have to rewrite, I hope I can better what I have written already. I am only learning.

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