You own it only when you have a heart to let it go!

Sounds pretty illogical if you were to think logically. But there are many instances when logic takes a backseat for some reason. Like in this case where there are two contradictory thoughts put in the same sentence. Let me try and explain. As humans we always tend to chase our desires with a lot of angst, put our foot down and sand say, “I love it and It’s going to be with me forever.”  I think that there are two opposing elements in this sentence too. Why? Because the statement has a tinge of violence in it and is also talking about love at the same time. Like the famous J. Krishnamurthy quote goes “Where there is violence there is no love.” So when I say “having a heart to let go of something you love” it does not mean that you ‘want’ to let it go, it means you don’t mind if you have to let it go for some reason. Basically when you are unable to let go of the things you own, you are not owning it, the things are owning you instead. So, the next time you think you love or own something, have a heart to let it go as well.

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