My 90 minuter film, my new baby!

Sorry folks, haven’t been getting time to post on this blog for a long time, but the truth is that something exciting has caught my mind which is keeping the writer in me busy, really busy. Just like a new born baby is everything for its guardians, my new script is special for me.

I have a group of friends who think that films can be made over weekends and on holidays and one does not necessarily have to go by the rules, grind your back and “struggle” in the industry (typical term used by big directors in India) for several years to make a film.

What we believe is that monetary benefits should not ideally be the only motivation to create art. The motivation should also be to vent out what you have to say about something that intrigues you/ interests you/ makes you immensely happy/ disgusts you, through your form of art. If there is truth and conviction in what you have to say there will be an audience who will support and find you for sure.

Not that I am a very successful filmmaker or something, In-fact I have made some ok, some not so good and some shitty short films before, but I am just learning and trying my level best to make good films, my way, by doing an interesting writing day job to pay my bills and working on my films on weekends and holidays.

The film basically will try to explore the dual and corrupt nature of human beings in a funny way. I have finished 55 minutes of my first draft and the good part is that I am extremely lucky to have some really talented actors on board who are also wonderful writers. I am aiming to finish the first draft by 14th May 2014 and then will start taking inputs from my actors to work on the 2nd draft. Let’s see how it goes, all we can do is try.  I will keep updating you about the developments. Cheers!

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