Commercial breaks are indeed very irritating, especially when you are in the middle of watching an intense movie on TV. Also machines tend to take some time to start functioning in its best form when it is started after a break of few days. But when it comes to human psychology, it’s completely the opposite. The human brain gets tired of monotonous or routine activities and is always looking for something exciting, which is different from what we generally do on a day-to-day basis. A simple break for the human brain can do wonders according to me, which could be anything, a physical break or even a mental break. What it does is, it breaks the series of thoughts that emerge inside you and offers you another starting point to think over things afresh. That’s the reason why we get a whole new perspective about something that you had thought about before the break. The basic point I am trying to make is if you think you are angry at something, take a break (watch some football maybe) and come back to the thought after a while. You might end up laughing at the reason why you got angry at the first place. If you are still angry then you are probably really angry and need to talk to someone. I am here! 🙂

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