A man can be judged by the way he reacts to boredom

I live in Mumbai, a city that never sleeps, because my dad came down from a small town called Ramanthali, situated in the beautiful state Kerala (India) which is also called “God’s own country”, to earn his bread at an early age of 17 and after completing my education in Mumbai I managed to find a job here. Nevertheless I make it a point to visit my parent’s hometown once in a year at-least. Once I am there, I am suddenly exposed to a different world altogether, where things are slower and the air is purer. I know a little nephew who lives there. He has nothing much to do really. After a lot of running around alone with his bicycle-tyre, down the lanes, I saw him sitting in his veranda doing something. I went closer to find what he was doing and had a smile on my face. He was deeply engrossed in removing and fixing the grip of his slippers. The grip that you hold on to, with your great-toe and your long-toe. (Loved googling and researching about names of toes to come up with those names). Then I realised that he knows to enjoy smaller things in life and is content at the same time. I think that a man who handles boredom beautifully is a content man indeed 🙂

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