Imbalanced fondness

It’s sometimes amusing to think about the fact that each human being on earth has a unique level of sensitivity, to look at things and react to them, probably because the moments that all of us have experienced in life are different and the environments that we grow up in are different or maybe because of the uniqueness of biological make of each one of us. Some of us are affected by everything that we listen to and look at and others can ingeniously forget them and move on. Each one of us is excited and attracted to some quality of a person. We get embarrassed when we respond to someone in a certain way, act in a strange way instinctively because of our fondness or lack of fondness for them. But since we are different, the fondness that we have for someone will never match their fondness for you. It is this mismatch in fondness that generally leads to unwanted disharmony in relationships. But the moment you register in your brain that all of us are different, you will start listening to the other person carefully and find it easier to look at the other side of the coin 🙂

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