Let’s build an amusement park in Ayodhya

If Allah and Rama ever existed and if they were fun loving people who tasted beer at-least once in their lives, then they would absolutely love this idea. (For those who don’t know where I am coming from, here is a link that shares all the shitty, dark and sadly true facts: http://bit.ly/OGYlxv) Another reason why I turned into an atheist. Imagine an amusement park where human beings (who originally never belonged to any religion) had a rollicking time enjoying some thrilling rides with their parents, uncles aunties, sisters daughters, sons, grandpas and grandmas, teachers, dogs, cats etc. A complementary gift that anybody who enters the amusement park would be a free pitcher of beer! Also another task that they would compulsorily have to perform to open the gates of the park would be: sing along to a karaoke that plays the song ‘Imagine’ by ‘The Beatles’ and raise a toast, shout out “Cheers to Love, Peace and Happiness”


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