Nothing’s in my head

I sit staring at my blank page, trying to write (actually “type”, but since write sounds more intellectual, I am using it to minimise the intensity of the nonsense that I am talking about) my next blog post and realise that I have nothing in my head, so thought of putting that down as a post as thinking about nothing is also an interesting activity according to me. But technically I am not “not thinking about anything”, I am actually thinking about “not thinking about anything”. If I could not think of anything then I would have attained enlightenment like Buddha . The human brain generally tries to think and showcase its intelligence by giving out electrical signals and trying to analyse and understand things for no good reason. Probably it’s these electric signals that are making me write right now. I really don’t know where I am taking this but it feels great when you don’t know what the conclusion of your write-up is going to be. Sometimes it’s best to leave things alone and not come to a conclusion about what you are thinking about.

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