A Random Love Story

The other day I saw this girl.. she was wearing a brand new scarf..

How could I guess that the scarf was new?

Well you can guess anything… it’s a guess anyways

And she said


As if it was something very different.. but things don’t have to be different always..

They can be as simple as a simple hello

No she did not say that to me; it was to someone behind me..

500 miles away there was a donkey who was braying a melodious tune.

Now how can a donkey bray melodiously?.. Well I am defining what melodious means..

Why am I talking about the donkey?.. well I can talk about anything I want..

Then I turned behind to see a man who was wearing an old coat..

Then the new and the old met..

She had once gifted the coat to him.. He was still wearing it..

Not sure if he was wearing it because he was still in love with her or because he did not have another coat to wear.

And then in the southern hemisphere stars twinkled mildly..

The world is so tightly knit.. just like the old coat was knit by the girl wearing the new scarf.

But the new scarf was gifted to her by her new found friend.. and she was confused how to react when she met the man with the old coat..

But she had already uttered the simple word hello.. lets see what happens next..

Next is preceded by now.. and now they were standing still,trying to figure out what to do next.

I stepped aside, so that they could see each other clearly..

The man with the old coat was looking straight at the girl but the girl in the new scarf was looking at the ground..

Maybe she had something to hide or she knew that the man in the old coat knew about something she wanted to hide from him.

Probably the thing that she wanted to hide was that the new scarf was gifted to her by her new found friend.

The man turned around and started walking away, probably thinking that he is scaring the girl wearing the new scarf..

The girl lifted her head and sensed a slight feeling of breathlessness,as she thought that something was slipping away from her.. And she knew that the man had turned away because he thought he would scare away her. She wanted to convey the man that he would not scare her away.

And she said Bob.

Bob turned around.. this time both of them looked straight at each other.

Bob realized that he was not scaring her away..

He said Hey Alice..

His voice was hoarse.. the last time he had spoken was to the waiter last night.. saying “One double egg omelet please”… he had very few friends to speak to.. then he continued

How are you doing..?

Finally I came to know their names.. Bob and Alice.

Bob and Alice were the names of mathematical problems in school.

Bob was weak in Mathematics but strong in English.

He learned Maths from Alice while Alice learned English from Bob.

They fell in love.

It was love between Mathematics and English.

Love is more beautiful when it happens between two different individuals.

The individuals could be different but Love is one.

Anything multiplied by one gives you the same number.

So “one” has no impurities just like love.


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