Following the crowd

That’s the easy way out really. You keep doing what everyone else is doing and one fine day you die. If you think something that you want to do is far from attainable, stop thinking about it and continue following the crowd again. What you get at the end of it is…aaam a comfortable life, with nothing to think too much about and the next thing you realise is that you are going to die and you have not really lived or even thought of thinking of what you really like doing in life. The crowd never approves of someone who is set out to do something different or unique unless he or she has completely proved himself to be successful in doing what he is doing. But if you never try to explore what you like doing, how are you ever going to get successful? So it makes sense to defy the crowd and keep doing what you like doing and if you are really good at doing that, you might end up being successful, even if you don’t, at-least you would be happy and not die with a dreaded thought that you never thought of finding out what you really like doing in life

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