When you are half asleep

Baby NappingThe moments just before you fall asleep are sometimes strangely beautiful as you are in the middle of slipping into an imaginary world which is free from the practicalities of the real world, where you can set the rules of the game. Into a world of dreams where you can choose to be as practical as you want or insanely impractical! The tug of war continues and finally you fall asleep because dreams are powerful, are where you can do what you could have never done in real life, are where we always want to hide secretly, where you churn out beautiful stories. Then comes the time when reality hits you like a bullet, when you open your eyes stare at the ceiling fan above you which tells you, get going, start running in circles again and you wish if you had never woken up and later smile again realising the fact that you could well be a part of a dream dreamt by someone else!

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