Yes I am a Writer

Maquina-de-escreverIt has been a while since I have accepted the fact that I am a writer (not sure if  should say typist heheh) and people around me are still not too convinced about that. Yes I am a writer and I don’t claim that I am a better writer than you, but I love telling stories and expressing my thoughts through words. I am neither  scared of making a fool of myself, nor of people accusing me of being “too sensitive” while doing that. Yes I am sensitive and it’s my sensitivity that makes me write. In-fact I enjoy writing not just because it’s my bread and butter but also because I love doing it without getting tired of it, like you don’t get tired of what you do for your living. I am not intellectual and I don’t mind the fact that my thoughts are immature or stupid. Also there is a very strange perception that people generally have about writers that we sit in dark rooms and keep typing and writing something, which is not at all true in most cases. We like to observe, are moved by things that we see around us and have a strong urge to say what’s on our mind out there in the open absolutely naked,  for you to read or to thrash. I am sure, some of you would be thinking, “is this guy in his senses? Why the hell is he writing these meaningless blog posts?” All I want to tell them is, “Because I want to write them!”

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