What if there was nothing called currency?

meatalhammer93.1The Lydian civilization (1200-546 BC) which was located near Western Anatolia, Salihli, Manisa, Turkey was where gold and silver coins were used as currency for the first time. What happened after that is clearly evident even today, when we look at how we have prospered and multiplied leaps and bounds. But if you look at the other side, currency has also given rise to poverty, discrimination, exploitation, burglary, dominance, corruption and many other such unwanted, evil and disruptive elements in the society. What if there was no currency? We would be living to live and not to mint money. We would work hard to cultivate food on our own lands so that we could eat, we would build small houses and be content with what we have. Or maybe not, considering the fact that greed is wired deep into our systems naturally, we would try and capture lands to make more food and exchange it for making more profits. So the whole point of a world without the concept of currency, would not serve its purpose. Unless and until man becomes less greedy, there is no escape route really!

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