Funny Debates Fueled by Religion!

img-thingRecently I read a post on facebook that slammed Islam by saying that it is strange to find that Islam believes in more than 1 wife and also believes in just 1 God at the same time! I was laughing reading the series of offensive and defensive comments since I do not believe in religion. For an outsider like me who cares a damn about mythological stories or the concept called religion, it is easy to form another stupid debate topic that raises a similar stupid question that could blame Hindus for not having more than 1 wife since they believe in more than 1 God.  Also if I believe in zero God then according to this debate I should stay unmarried.  I have just one thing to say about religious people cranking their brains up for silly reasons, “Take a break; go have some beer instead! (only if you want to that is, no compulsion, else they might start saying that I am enticing people to  drink)” Cheers! 😀

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