Romancing a Place!

lonely-nature-man-jungle-98771Every lane urged me to walk a walk through it, like a sweet girl’s chuckle wants you to know her better. Gazed at the early morning sun who doesn’t even know I was doing what I was, like you try glancing at your girl from the corner of your eyes, the moment they are around. A sense of completeness enchants me with the charms of the early morning breeze and the sound of chirping birds, like the feeling that you live when you have those sweet-nothing conversations with your girl. Those thunderous laughs and energizing runs in the playground with friends like experiencing a rush of blood when your actions or words make your girl laugh. My heart pounds as I inch closer to that day when I wouldn’t be able to see this place too often again, just like counting your final days before you think you will never meet your girl again. Nevertheless, what I have with me are priceless memories and countless moments that I would treasure with me for my lifetime, just like you are always in love with your first love just because of those sweet moments that you’ve lived to see!


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