Eeeks Politics!

Uprising_fistWhich Hollywood actor was caught having an extra marital affair recently? Where does Liverpool stand in the EPL standings? These are some general questions whose answers most of us know at the tip of our tongue. But when it comes to politics the first natural reaction that emerges inside our system is “Eeeks, please change the topic!” Don’t worry I don’t want to spoil your mood, talk about politics in this blog post as of now or disregard the importance of knowing all about the juiciest gossips from Hollywood , but just want to address the fact that lack of political interest or awareness among the most opinionated, the most energetic and the most intelligent section of the society – “The youth”, is the biggest tragedy that India is facing today! Don’t just sit on your asses and say that politics will always be run by morons or make a voter’s ID and vote, read about what’s going wrong, discuss among your friends and try bringing about a change by raising your voices!

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